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Chris Anderson, President

My career has spanned 27 years in small business and nonprofit development, a period whereas I also developed a successful online science education company that has served more than 40,000 science teachers worldwide since 1996. My career includes the development of micro-enterprise and humanitarian project development in developing countries, management experience in major and planned gifts, public relations, marketing, strategic planning, media development, social media and community building. During this time, I was executive producer of The Great Wolf Divide and The Great Predator Debate, films developed to bring attention to the plight of apex carnivores.

As the former Chairperson for an international education & business development foundation, my work has taken me across the US, Mexico, Ukraine, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, and the Arab Emirates. Each of these experiences has produced a distinctly entrepreneurial approach to my work with a conscious desire to identify and esteem others onto this path. I have a distinct vision for franchise giving--the process of helping individuals achieve success for the benefit of others and the projects dear to us.

The conservation of wolves and the education about their iconic role in the wilderness is a matter of stewardship and relationship building toward better outcomes.

How Your Donation Helps! $15,200

Intern Experience

$8,000 - INTERN EXPERIENCE A hallmark of WERC's 20 years caring for wolves is the ability to teach countless interns who come from under and post graduate programs around the world. Each intern spends a summer (and sometimes longer) in the wilderness under the care and instruction of our biologist Jeremy Heft. And since Jeremy began as an intern, we know this program works to create deep conviction and understanding in tomorrow's veterinary, biology, and ecology leaders. Program costs includes modest stipends paid to interns weekly to cover their food and incidental costs and insurance necessary for related liabilities. Each intern has access to some civilization though the majority of their time is in Camp and helping run WERC's day to day operations and greeting visitors.

Volunteer Experience

$7200 - VOLUNTEER EXPERIENCE.  A growing outreach at Wolf Camp, the Volunteer Experience offers terrific projects not only at Camp but in the surrounding community of Winchester, Idaho. From laying bark dust along trails at Wolf Camp to mending fences with our neighbors, WERC is a member of the Winchester area community and works to attract volunteers who share that interest. The cost of promotion, division of labor, and investment in outreaches averages $7,200 annually and is a wonderful way to introduce our region to our heart for wolves.
I want to thank you backā€¦ Keep up all your wonderful work.. These beautiful wolves are one of the most incredible animals on this planet.
Patricia Hawkins-Weibel