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40 Common Questions

Our team fields a wild array of questions. Over the next couple months, we’ll share 40 common questions that might have some surprising answers to each of you. Sharing these with friends and family will help to make them aware of the plight that wolves face. Our first question is a great one.
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Along The Trail

When visiting Wolf Camp, you’ll not only meet wolves but some of the animals we’ve created interpretive signs describing below. Click on an image to expand them and schedule your tour today!
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Ask The Biologist

Everyday people ask our biologist Jeremy questions about wolves and their environment along with many other varied questions. We will be adding his answers to your questions here in our Ask the Biologist section. Stay tuned and check back often as we post more answered questions here.
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Mexican Gray Wolf

The Mexican gray wolf (canis lupus baileyi) is the smallest and most genetically distinct subspecies of the gray wolf (canis lupus). For centuries, Mexican wolves once inhabited the landscapes of Mexico and the American Southwest.
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Mobile Species Lab

What is it worth to engage with the next generation with the promise of deep convictions and actions that make environmental stewardship a societal norm? What if that could be done in an inspiring and engaging way? We think it can.
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Otter Updates

Did you know that 9 out of 10 Otters recommend wolves? That's why Wolf Camp is introducing the Otter Pack. Check back often as we will continuously add new Otter Updates about wolves and other wildlife.  Scroll down to see our newest updates.
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Radio WIld

Join us the first Monday of each month as we host RadioWild! RadioWild is a show that we host each month focusing on the crossroads of where conservation and enterprise meet.
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Sawtooth Legacy Film

This documentary is about divisions that exist that resulted in the near destruction of a species, the forces that brought wolves back from the edge of extinction, and the polarizing positions among stakeholders.
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Wolf Behavior

Have a canine behavior you are curious about? Send possible future Wolf Behavior 101 topics to
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Wolf Camp Vids

Check our videos on our YouTube channel and Subscribe!
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Why Wolves?

A group of wolves is called a pack which can include from 6-10 individuals. If resources are abundant pack sizes have been seen upwards of 30 members.
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Why Humans?

Coming Soon!

How Your Donation Helps! $174,800

Greatest Need | Operations

We often remark that WERC delivers over a million dollars of outreach for a mere $174,800 and we estimate it's true! When you donate to Greatest Need & Operations, you're helping us determine where to direct funds within the programs that are itemized below and more! That's important and helps maintain our overall financial health. Every one of these programs is essential not only to WERC's survival but the species that we advocate for quality, dynamic, and inspiring educational outreach.  If we raise this, our bills get paid! The following programs show the breakdown of WERC’s finances followed by a breakdown of how we can get to these numbers with your help.
I want to thank you backā€¦ Keep up all your wonderful work.. These beautiful wolves are one of the most incredible animals on this planet.
Patricia Hawkins-Weibel