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Visit to learn about raptors, bears, wolves, and more! Discover what thousands of teachers and students are using to bring science to life in the classroom. Kidwings is the developer and home of the Virtual Owl Pellet -- try your hand at anatomy!
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Owl Brand Discovery Kits is a leader in quality, affordable, and fun science labs for biology teachers around the world. Learn more about this company that supports the ongoing efforts of WERC and our ability to inspire the next generation of wildlife enthusiasts.

How Your Donation Helps! $174,800

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We often remark that WERC delivers over a million dollars of outreach for a mere $174,800 and we estimate it's true! When you donate to Greatest Need & Operations, you're helping us determine where to direct funds within the programs that are itemized below and more! That's important and helps maintain our overall financial health. Every one of these programs is essential not only to WERC's survival but the species that we advocate for quality, dynamic, and inspiring educational outreach.  If we raise this, our bills get paid! The following programs show the breakdown of WERC’s finances followed by a breakdown of how we can get to these numbers with your help.
I want to thank you backā€¦ Keep up all your wonderful work.. These beautiful wolves are one of the most incredible animals on this planet.
Patricia Hawkins-Weibel