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PASCO, WASHINGTON -- Several wildlife biology and ecology teachers and leaders will descend upon Pasco, Washington's Tierra Vida Recreation Center on June 8, 2017 to present a day long immersion in subjects ranging from salmon and owl pellet dissection to the Mexican lobo. "Wildlife conservation is a world-wide conversation today. Our goal with this event is to invite future conservationists and stewards into that discussion" comments the event Co-Organizer, Chris Anderson, President of the Wolf Education & Research Center, "This is our second year holding this event and already the interest has tripled."

The Tierra Vida Community will host the
2017 Passport to Wildlife  which aims to introduce young students and their families to science and biology. Event Co-organizer Adán Suárez adds, "This event will definitely intrigue the growing minds of our children and attendees will leave with feeling a connection with nature and wildlife."

Attending the Passport to Wildlife are more than 250 elementary age children from the McClintock and Marie Curie Elementary Schools, Tierra Vida Community after school programs, and surrounding Tri-Cities area communities. Event coordinator Ruben Alvarado shares, "
The morning will be exciting as more than 250 kids and teachers will rotate through programs and the afternoon will present an opportunity to hear some programs in Spanish, including two wildlife biologists from Mexico and Costa Rica."

2017 Passport to Wildlife is free to the public. Presenters include Western Wildlife Outreach, Wolf Haven International, Yakima Basic Environmental Education Program, Owl Brand Discovery Kits, Snowdon Wildlife Outreach, WSU Raptor Club, and organized and presented by the Wolf Education & Research Center. 

Families and our children have an opportunity to not only get up close and personal with wildlife but with those who can help inspire our young people to consider a potential future in a biology career. Now that's exciting!" reflects Suárez. 

2017 Passport to Wildlife will be held from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm at 3425 East A Street in Pasco, Washington's Tierra Vida Community Recreation Center. Food and beverages will be available for purchase at The Collegium at the same address. Parking is available. 

If you have questions, call 888-422-1110 and ask to speak to Chris Anderson. Find information about this event at or the latest news at 

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I want to thank you backā€¦ Keep up all your wonderful work.. These beautiful wolves are one of the most incredible animals on this planet.
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