What is a WERC volunteer and what duties do they perform?

A volunteer is typically highly motivated and shares to a high degree our organizational goals and values. They donate their time, effort, energy and money to assist the WERC in fulfilling its mission. Often times members, sponsors, or interested parties and organizations do not desire or cannot donate large sums of money. Instead they donate their time and energy by working at the center. Volunteers usually take time off from their regular jobs and responsibilities and pay their own travel and other expenses while here.

How to be a successful Volunteer?

To be a successful volunteer at the WERC while enjoying your experience here, you need to display a positive attitude, be proactive, energized, hard working and self-motivated. Volunteers need to be creative, flexible, and responsible. Volunteers need to be able to work with the public and be willing to contribute to the overall development of WERC and the image we uphold. The WERC enjoys a positive relationship with local communities. We expect volunteers to maintain this positive image and relationship.

Visitor Center and Volunteers

Our visitor center is primarily an educational facility with the focus on wolves, gray wolf and multi-species reintroduction in Idaho and other regional environmental issues. Volunteers are involved in many of the operating aspects of WERC at both the visitor center and the office. Besides the invaluable learning and sharing experiences, volunteers work and participate in a unique experience working around captive gray wolves.

Volunteer Program Overview and Guidelines

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  • Living Arrangements
    There are no longer facilities on site for volunteers to stay at. All lodging is off site. We are located one mile west of Winchester Lake State Park, which has seventy three camping sites, some which can now be reserved, along with showers and restrooms. Or you may stay at one of the local motels or one of several bed and breakfasts located through out the region. Early spring and fall can be very pleasant at times but typically daytime temperatures are in the sixties with night time lows in the forties. This is also the typical rainy times of the year. The summers are usually hot and dry during the months of July and August.
  • What You Need | What We Provide
    What You Need to Provide:
    • Must be of good physical condition due to the altitude and amount of walking that takes place daily.
    • The ability to live independently off-site.
    • Your own transportation to and from Winchester and between the site and offices.
    • Your own food and other personal needs/requirements.
    What WERC Provides:
    • Limited computer access for email, word processing, etc.
    • Two WERC shirts for use during tours and other presentations if assigned duty.
    • Flexible schedule with minimum of one-day a week off.
  • Typical Duties
    Typical Duties May Include:
    • Clearing and chipping wood for hiking/walking trails.
    • Snow removal.
    • Fence repairs.
    • Giving presentations to various groups, usually twelve to fifteen people per group.
    • Assist in the care of the pack.
    • Cutting, hauling and chopping of camp firewood supply.
    • Working in the visitor center such as: merchandise sales and inventory, answer visitor questions, make tour reservations, etc.
    • Working in the office such as: word-processing, answering phones, coping, brochure/mail out fulfillment, filling merchandise orders, filing, record keeping, etc.
    • Cleaning restrooms, visitor center, office, etc.
    • Noxious weed control and management.
  • Length of Service and Benefits
    Length of Service:
    WERC appreciates all volunteers and the services they donate. The length of stay varies with the duties and responsibilities that are agreed upon at the time of acceptance.

    Some of the Benefits of Volunteering at WERC:
    • The opportunity to meet and work with individuals from various backgrounds and cultures.
    • The opportunity to serve and be involved in something you care about.
    • Environmental education learning opportunities.
    • A unique opportunity working around gray wolves.
    • Opportunity for valuable work experience.
    • Opportunity for your employer to provide in-kind donation of your working skills/knowledge to the WERC. (Contact your employer to see if this is possible).

Apply Now!

If you are interested in volunteering please submit an application. The application process is all online. If you have any troubles please feel free to contact us.

For technical questions or inquiries email us at volunteer@wolfcenter.org

Send to:
Volunteer Coordinator
Wolf Education & Research Center
3029 69 Ave W, Unit H
University Place, WA 98466

Application deadline: Applications are accepted year round.

Please submit application at least one month before desired start date, and for local volunteers at least one week before desired start date.

Please think this through carefully before responding and considering the type of work that must be performed and the sacrifices that you must personally make to fulfill your commitment. The rewards and growth that we offer through this program will be a once in a lifetime experience that will remain with you forever.

Thank you!

Wolf Education and Research Center
Volunteer Inquiry & Application
3029 69 Ave W, Unit H
University Place, WA 98466
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How Your Donation Helps!

Volunteer Experience

$7200 - VOLUNTEER EXPERIENCE.  A growing outreach at Wolf Camp, the Volunteer Experience offers terrific projects not only at Camp but in the surrounding community of Winchester, Idaho. From laying bark dust along trails at Wolf Camp to mending fences with our neighbors, WERC is a member of the Winchester area community and works to attract volunteers who share that interest. The cost of promotion, division of labor, and investment in outreaches averages $7,200 annually and is a wonderful way to introduce our region to our heart for wolves.
I want to thank you backā€¦ Keep up all your wonderful work.. These beautiful wolves are one of the most incredible animals on this planet.
Patricia Hawkins-Weibel