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WERC is an Idaho 501(c)3 Non Profit with a Business & Gift Services office in University Place, Washington. Operating on under $174,800 annually, 100% of your donations are used for the cost of the health of animals in our care, training interns from universities around the world, construction and upkeep of our facility, and our regional outreach including weekly programs at Winchester Lake State Park.

WERC is presently moving our facility therefore we only have one wolf and are presently closed to the public. Kuckuc is the last surviving female member of the Owyhee Pack. With the public’s help, WERC has readied an enclosure to become home to a new pack of wolf pups upon Kuckuc’s rejoining of her family in death. We are also raising funds to build a fox enclosure and a bird of prey rescue aviary and will do so as funds are raised.

For explanation of budget, scroll down to see how your donation helps!

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How Your Donation Helps

Greatest Need | Operations
We often remark that WERC delivers over a million dollars of outreach for a mere $174,800 and we estimate it’s true! When you donate to Greatest Need & Operations, you’re helping us determine where to direct funds within the programs that are itemized below and more! That’s important and helps maintain our overall financial health. Every one of these programs is essential not only to WERC’s survival but the species that we advocate for quality, dynamic, and inspiring educational outreach.  If we raise this, our bills get paid! The following programs show the breakdown of WERC’s finances followed by a breakdown of how we can get to these numbers with your help.
Wolf Care Plan & Camp
$62,000 – WOLF CARE PLAN. Is your interest in Wolf Camp specific to feeding and caring about wolves? We understand! This item is our largest expense. We estimate that our cost of care for the Owyhee Pack costs about $70,400 per year. While the actual feeding and related care expenses of the animals is only about $9,400, we also include their caretakers pay in the equation. It also requires the full time attention of two biologists who work for equally modest wages while providing world class care. And since our wolves are ambassadors for their wild cousins, this outreach is central to our efforts.  Here’s the breakdown:

  • Food: $3,600                                                 
  • Medicines & supplies: $3,400
  • Maintenance & Repairs: $2,400                   
  • Liability Insurance: $4,000
  • Salaries, Stipends, & Insurance: $57,000
  • Emergency Funds: $5,000
Intern Experience
$8,000 – INTERN EXPERIENCE A hallmark of WERC’s 20 years caring for wolves is the ability to teach countless interns who come from under and post graduate programs around the world. Each intern spends a summer (and sometimes longer) in the wilderness under the care and instruction of our biologist Jeremy Heft. And since Jeremy began as an intern, we know this program works to create deep conviction and understanding in tomorrow’s veterinary, biology, and ecology leaders. Program costs includes modest stipends paid to interns weekly to cover their food and incidental costs and insurance necessary for related liabilities. Each intern has access to some civilization though the majority of their time is in Camp and helping run WERC’s day to day operations and greeting visitors.
Mobile Species Lab
$24,000 – MOBILE SPECIES LAB This new outreach is one to celebrate and we’re excited to take our educational outreach to schools, parks, and events around the region. Each Mobile Species Lab has an estimated preliminary annual budget of $12,000, which includes the cost of promotion and travel related expenses to events ranging from the following.  The Mobile Species Lab will partner with:

  • K-12 Middle & High Schools
  • State Park Junior Ranger Programs & Events
  • State, County, & Community Fairs and Events
  • High traffic Wildlife, Recreation & Outdoor Shows
  • Carnivore Hot Spots where media covers conflicts with carnivores                         
  • Sponsored Corporate events

Visit wolfcenter.org/learn/msl for latest news.

$1,600 – RadioWild is a monthly broadcast between co-hosts Chris Anderson and Alan Lacy where they interview various leaders in conservation and industry that upholds that goal. RadioWild focuses on the crossroads of where conservation and enterprise meet. Our goal is reach a new audience of people, bringing them into the conversation about conservation.
Sawtooth Legacy Quarterly (SLQ)
$30,000 – SAWTOOTH LEGACY QUARTERLY. A premier example of WERC’s impact in outreach is the Sawtooth Legacy Quarterly. With online readership of about 22,000 per issue, 1200 magazines mailed to subscribers, and another 500-800 given out at events, this is the business card of Wolf Camp. Each quarterly magazine costs about $2,400 in graphic layout and editing, another $5,000 to print and mail, it is also the premier source of our fundraising efforts, often paying for itself through the combination of subscriptions and inspired giving. Annual cost: $30,000
Volunteer Experience
$7200 – VOLUNTEER EXPERIENCE.  A growing outreach at Wolf Camp, the Volunteer Experience offers terrific projects not only at Camp but in the surrounding community of Winchester, Idaho. From laying bark dust along trails at Wolf Camp to mending fences with our neighbors, WERC is a member of the Winchester area community and works to attract volunteers who share that interest. The cost of promotion, division of labor, and investment in outreaches averages $7,200 annually and is a wonderful way to introduce our region to our heart for wolves.
Sawtooth Legacy Films | New Media
$24,000 SAWTOOTH LEGACY FILMS & NEW MEDIA includes building social media bridges through video production. This year includes ambitious partnerships with Kidwings Explores who are lending their traffic rich website to promote 12 short films about interesting features about wolves. In addition, this effort includes the completion of our trio of films in The Great Predator Debate Series that includes A Predator’s DilemmaA Nation’s Dilemma, and the upcoming Fall release of A Nation’s Resolves—all films intended to connect the public with an inspiring look into the complex relationship humans have with carnivores. WERC uses these films as not only introducing the public to large carnivores but offsets the cost through the rental and sales of the trio of documentaries.
The Last Pack: Gray Area, Wolves of the Southwest
$18,000 – GRAY AREA: WOLVES OF THE SOUTHWEST. Building community among future leaders of wolf conservation is an important tenet of WERC’s outreach. Partnering with Filmmaker Alan Lacy not only provides an opportunity to expand our supporters’ education but also provides important cross-promotion of our work. Alan’s input and energy are instrumental to our efforts and WERC leadership hopes to grow this important connection as well as identify additional young and social entrepreneurs. In 2016, we are committed to helping him raise the final $12,000 for his film while resourcing his talent toward our effort, which includes pledge to film and monthly stipend for Alan’s WERC-related efforts.
A Will or Property Gift to WERC’s Future
A Will or Property Gift to WERC’s Future. Perhaps the most significant impact to our future can be achieved by a bequest, a recognition of WERC in your will or trust. We have included some sample language to help when adding us to your will. A gift to the Wolf Education & Research Center in your will or revocable trust enables you to support our mission and make a difference in the lives of future generations.  A bequest:

  • is easy to arrange.
  • will not alter your current lifestyle in any way.
  • can be easily modified to address your changing needs.

If you or your attorney would like Wolf Education & Research Center (Tax ID #82-0453409) to provide you with customized beneficiary language that is specific to your goal and interest, please contact us. Please direct all inquiries and information to WERC Business Office, 3029 69 Ave W, Unit H University Place, WA 98466.